Happy Memorial day

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial day, also known as decoration day is celebrated to mark the remembrance of the brave souls of those soldiers and martyrs who had made their immense contribution on the battlefield during the civil war. It was the nation and the families of those courageous hearts who had lost their most valuable treasures but certainly, they deserve a lot of respect from us even today since it is all because of them that we are able to live a peaceful life.

Memorial day is usually celebrated on the last Monday in may. However this year, this date lies on 28th of may. The preparation has already started and people from distant places come up together to celebrate this occasion together. It is a day of pride for the nation where though they have lost great lives, the destruction still brought some glory to the nation. This day remembers all those great spirits of bravery and courage who did not bother either about their families or their own lives but fought from their hearts. They didn’t bother about any loss but rather they lived their whole life just for the purpose of serving the nation.

Happy Memorial Day 2018

Memorial day is celebrated with delight when people of all age groups participate in the occasion, marching together in the parade and dedicating wreaths of flowers on the cemeteries. Happy memorial day is meant to salute those courageous souls who have devoted everything for the nation. Thus it is our responsibility to show them the amount of respect and love that they actually deserve.

Happy Memorial Day
Happy Memorial Day

Hence, memorial day is almost knocking at the door and preparations are already going on and shall be about to complete to welcome the day with immense grandeur for those courageous hearts who are being wished to live in peace.

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