Memorial Day Songs

Memorial Day Songs

Memorial Day Songs

Memorial Day Songs
Memorial Day Songs

 Memorial Day is one of the Memorable Days of the United States of America came into practice ever since so many soldiers fought their lives during the Civil War. Though this day came into practice in the 19th century it was in the 20th century that the holiday gained the momentum of honor, of honoring the fallen heroes.

As we all know Music has the power to heal, the power to soothe, the power to cope with the uncertainties and unfair policies that life rewards us with. Here is a list of the top Memorial Day Songs to remind you the importance of every life which was lost in the war, lives that meant the world to someone, lives that brought prosperity.

Best Memorial Day Songs

  • “Go Rest High on that Mountain”: Vince Gill has sung this melodious song which reflects his pain through the choice of words that form a part of his lyrics. The song celebrates life and then the end has a sad note of inevitable feelings.
  • “8th of November”: This song came from Big and Rich from the Comin’ to your City album in 2005 which portrayed the life of Niles Harris who got saved by Medic Lawrence Joel out of the 48 soldiers who had lost their lives on 8th of November.
  • “Arlington”: This song was sung by Trace Adkins to pay tribute to the soldiers whose body found their peace in Arlington National Cemetery. He in his lyrics sings the part of fallen heroes who gracefully did what he does best and now lies with more such heroes in a row to be buried beneath.
  • “50,000 Names”: This song describes the Memorial Wall and the pain it holds with 50,000 names and description engraved on it. This song is more like a tearful tribute to the heroes.

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